Commercial Partnership

In order to guarantee the best final result to our clients, one of the focal points of Hidromec is the development of significant relationships with its main suppliers. In fact the satisfaction of our customers strongly depends on the proper selection of appropriate suppliers. 

Our commercial partners are manufacturers of high quality components and products for hydraulics. We undertake a rigorous selection process of our partners and suppliers. Thus, all our clients receive high quality products according to the guaranteed standards and we are able to meet the requirements offered to our clients throughout the entire manufacturing process.

That is why we constantly choose to work only with capable suppliers, who share our principles, as well as the same vision, characterized by often very tight deadlines, high quality standards,  the necessity to offer the best service accompanied by the certificate of compliance and origin.

We are presently interested in building partnerships with other companies, especially producers of machinery and  instrumentation, in order to further cooperate in Germany on technical issues and to establish technical and commercial agreements.  For further information please contact our office through our contact page.  



Pavarini Components, company certified UNI EN ISO 9001 (TÜV) is a manufacturer of components and quality products for hydraulics.

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of rod end cylinder, for the industrial sector.


CABOL snc is a manufacturer and supplier of major products such as hydraulic cylinders, cylinder presses, servocylinders electrohydraulic servo cylinders, couplings, mini controllers, valves and hydraulic power.


Emilbronzo has 40 years of experience in the supply of non-ferrous materials (bronzes of all alloys, brass, aluminums and mergers in the drawing).

The company offers every type of solution with certifiable quality.


OVERMACH Group is specialized in the sale of chip removal CNC machine tools for metal working, either new and second-hand, along with before and after-sales service all over the Italian territory.