The company

Since 1976, its foundation year, Hidromec srl designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders. The knowledge and design skills of our technical staff together with intrinsic quality reflected in the processing and controlling of the final product have always characterized the development of our company and continue to remain the indispensable part of the production process. Such strategic choice has allowed us to achieve ambitious goals and important position on the main international markets. All these factors have always distinguished Hidromec srl from its competitors; moreover, the consolidated experience in the field allows Hidromec to design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders – according to a complete quality cycle – for a very high number of applications.


Currently these quality factors in addition to its expertise remain the benchmark of Hidromec’s production: its choice to concentrate the offer on high quality products has allowed the company to achieve ambitious goals and important position that support the current presence of Hidromec Srl on the main international markets.

Examples of our products applications are:

Mobile Sector: mobile cranes, aerial work platforms, compactors waste, machinery foundation, tunnel drilling and crushing; wheelhouses and lifts in the marine sector; a further important part of the production is aimed at the fixed industrial sector for which Hidromec supplies cylinders typically for presses, plastic injection presses, filter presses, semiconductor presses and solutions for civil engineering used for barrages, dams, river lockages , hydroelectrical power plants and anti-earthquake systems for buildings and viaducts.

Hidromec also designs and manufactures high quality cylinders for special applications, such as cylinders equipped with electronic devices: linear transducers, proximity sensors and pressure transducers.

High quality and ad hoc cylinders and hydraulic systems

Hidromec srl is a firm specialized in design and production of special hydraulic cylinders for mobile sector, industrial fixed sector, iron industry, civil engineering and marine sector. All the products are tested according in conformity with ISO 10100 acceptance rules.

Thanks to the different and various application fields in which we operate and the high design quality level of our technical staff we can offer a complete range of simple and double-acting cylinders:

  • Simple-acting cylinders, HE series
  • Double-acting cylinders, HM and HK series
  • Double piston rod cylinders, HD series
  • Plunger cylinders, HP series
  • Tandem cylinders, HT series
  • Single and double-acting telescopic cylinders, TS and TD series
  • Constant speed synchronous movement telescopic cylinders, TDS series
  • Rotary actuators, generating torques, HR series
  • Hydraulic cylinders according to ISO 6020/1 and 6022, RM and RK series

According to the different kind of applications to which they are bound to, all the cylinders can be manufactured in bottom and head bolted or threaded (HK), welded bottom with bolted or threaded head (HM), adjustable end stroke cushioning systems, fixing systems for cylinder body and piston rod according to ISO or on demand.

On demand the cylinders can be equipped with control valves or electronic devices such as flanged or cartridge-integrated control valves for cylinder bottom, end stroke proximity sensors and linear position transducers.

Hidromec is able to offer a perfect solution suitable for every kind of working environment even the most aggressive, with the right choice of manufacturing materials and steel surface treatment operations.

Customer service & support

According to our vision, customer service means delivering high quality products covered with quality assurance and backed with lifetime support. Our team of experts is here to respond promptly to your feedback and attend to your needs, whenever it is for after-sales support or working with you to build a prototype or helping you to improve your product.

Hidromec thanks to almost 40 years of experience offers to all his customers:

  • prototype design & development for special designs and needs;
  • support in all development phases of the production;
  • the best quality on the market with the lower price;
  • technical advice from our team of experts;
  • product roll-out in a minimum amount of time;