Tailored Hydraulic Cylinders

There are different many different type of custom made cylinders, of course the manufacturing process depends primarily from customers needs.
Here below you can find listed all teh services we offer to all our clients:

Customized from standard

While standardized components permit a quicker and a less expensive production and let you take advantage of our efficient standard range. At the same time, every time it is possible we meet customer‘s individual requirements. This is the way Hidromec guarantees an optimum of efficiency and flexibility in his production.

Special Cylinders & ad-hoc solutions

Naturally, apart from manufacturing standard hydraulic cylinders, we also offer a wide range of special solutions. Segments of the production designed ad hoc for special purposes and specific requirements are considered as a challenge at Hidromec. This limited and unique part of the production specially tailored to some of the clients in our portfolio distinguishes the design and the manufacturing treats of our brand. At Hidromec we listen carefully to every request that raise from any of our customer and reach the goal together with him.

Technical Advice

You have a brand new product and need a new hydraulic cylinder?

Our expert designers and engineers can develop a prototype that meet your requirements. Thanks to our know-how and deep technical expertise, we can help you lower production costs and roll-out your product in a minimum amount of time.