Hydraulic Cylinders

The vast series of industrial hydraulic cylinders that Hidromec offers is the result of years of expertise in the sector.

The company constantly operates in different fields of application, creating custom made cylinders for every need. This versatility is due to the high level of design quality that its technical staff has reached. In fact the Hidromec technical staff is highly specialized, trained, integrated in a modern and dynamic work environment.


  • Simple-acting cylinders, HE series
  • Double-acting cylinders, HM and HK series
  • Double piston rod cylinders, HD series
  • Plunger cylinders, HP series
  • Tandem cylinders, HT series
  • Single and double-acting telescopic cylinders, TS and TD series
  • Constant speed synchronous movement telescopic cylinders, TDS series
  • Torque generators, HR series
  • Hydraulic cylinders according to ISO 6020/1 and 6022, RM and RK series

Main features and manufacturing criteria

According to the different kind of application to which they are bound to, all the cylinders can be manufactured in various versions:

  • Bottom and head bolted or threaded (HK)
  • Welded bottom with bolted or threaded head (HM)
  • Adjustable end stroke cushioning systems
  • Fixing systems for cylinder body and piston rod according to ISO or on demand.

Accessories integrated to the cylinders

On demand the cylinders can be equipped with control valves or electronic devices:

  • Flanged or cartridge-integrated control valves for cylinder bottom
  • End stroke proximity sensors
  • Linear position transducers

Materials and surface treatments

Hidromec is able to offer the most suitable cylinders types for any type of work environment, even the most extreme.

Each hydraulic cylinder is built with the appropriate raw materials and surface treatment in order to adapt perfectly to the various industrial sectors.


All the hydraulic cylinders are singularly submitted to long-lasting and severe final hydraulic tests in conformity with ISO 10100 acceptance rules.

Dimensional constraints limits and performances

  • Bore from 25 to 600 mm according to a 8 m length
  • Working pressure up to 600 bar (60 Mpa)
  • Speed ≤ 0,5m/s . On demand up to 2m/s
  • Working temperature -20/+80°C., on demand –30/+160°C