Steel Industry

The steel industry is a specific sub-sector of the stationary industry. The term steelmaking refers to a specific area of metallurgy that involves the technique of processing iron-rich ore to produce iron or various types of ferrous alloys, including steel, pig iron and alloy steels.
The steel industry needs very reliable and robust equipment: no malfunction is allowed. Rolling mills and furnaces must not be stopped by a defective hydraulic cylinder. The main features of the cylinders used in this sector, apart from ensuring high reliability, are that they are designed to operate in dusty environments and at very high ambient temperatures, even above 100°C. This makes it necessary to equip the cylinders with seals that retain their functionality even at such high temperatures. Seals and gaskets made of special fluorocarbonate material (Viton) are used.
HIDROMEC develops hydraulic cylinders and systems for applications in the steel industry that are reliable, durable and comply with the relevant environmental standards.
Cylinders for the steel industry are manufactured for the following machines: