Mobile Sector

Machineries for mobile sector are presses for recycling industry, Hidromec srl has been supplying for a lot of time lots of producers of hydraulic balers and shearers. This kind of applications expects to use high strenght devices in order to bale metal wastes, and moreover the cylinder oftenly work in bad weather conditions (rain, cold and fog) and dirty environment (greasy, sludge mixed with dust).

Hidromec srl supplies a wide range of cylinders for manufacturers of scrap or waste presses. This type of application does not require the use of extremely powerful devices in order to compact both waste bricks and metal scrap. In addition, machinery often works under unfavorable conditions (outdoor accommodation, weathered weather) and very dirty (fat, and fat mixed with dust).
Hidromec develops reliable, durable and environmentally friendly sealing systems for mobile devices.
The most common types of applications for which we develop cylinders are:

Machines for geotechnics
  • Drilling,
  • Foundation

Earth-moving machines

  • Arms for special applications,
  • Special equipments

Lifting machines

  • Cranes,
  • Aerial working platforms,
  • Booms and concrete pumps

Crushers and machines for demolition

  • Self-moving shredders for rocky cave,
  • Mobile shredders for demolished material recycling,
  • Scrap shears

Compactors machines for urban refusals

Mobile machines for tunnels and mining industry