Application sectors

Thanks to almost 40 years of experience in quality and solutions to fulfill customers needs Hidromec manufactures ad hoc Hydraulic cylinders for applications in almost any sector.

Longtime expertise and consolidated technical know-how allows Hidromec to supply cylinders for almost any application sector: from mobile sector to industrial, and from steel industry to marine applications, as far as to design and supply cylinders for civil engineering.


The quality management system operated by Hidromec is in compliance with the requirement of standard ISO 9001:2008. The accreditation released by TUV InterCert Saar covers the following activities: Design, production and trade of cylinders and hydraulic systems.

TÜV InterCert is an independent Certification Body for system and product. His certification stands as a guarantees in attention to the quality, efficiency and safety; so, not only concerning the goods and services provided, but also the management system adopted is certified. A management System represent a set of procedures, information systems and computer systems dedicated to the government of a standard operative process, administrative or production process compliant with the requirements of one or more standards. TÜV InterCert evaluates management systems according to nationally and internationally recognized standards and as well to inhouse standards developed by its personnel.