About Us


Hidromec srl manufactures and designs hydraulic cylinders for special purposes, this has been its mission since 1976 – the year of its foudation. The initial manufacturing sector was for earthmoving machineries. From these early years, during which Hidromec was manufacturing components mainly for the earthmoving industry, Hidromec over the time has evolved to a company that produces high quality devices for critical applications in various fields.


The development and technological research has caused Hidromec to be recognised in the world as one of the best manufacturers of high-quality devices for critical applications, which need to be completely free of malfunction.  Our mission is to fulfill our customers with the highest quality products on the market.


Company excellence can be found in small/medium cylinders series supply, whose items are inspected and certified singularly, and moreover, released with singular warranty and inspection certificate. Company excellence lies in small and medium series cylinders supply. Every single item is inspected, certified singularly and released with singular warranty and inspection certificate. Expertise and consolidated know-how allow Hidromec srl to supply cylinders for any purpose, from Mobile Sector to the Industry sector, from Marine Sector to applications for Civil engineering projects.