Hidromec designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders for a huge number of applications.

Cylinders for Lifting & Cranes

Hydraulic Cylinders in Steel Industry

Hydraulic Cylinders for Marine Sector

Cylinders for Industrial Sector

Hydraulic Cylinders in Civil Engineering

Cylinders for Mining and Drilling

Hydraulic Cylinders for Mobile Sector


Over 40 years of expertise in developing custom hydraulic cylinder to meet the needs of our customers

Our staff will follow and support you in every phase:

Since 1976, the year of its foundation, Hidromec srl designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders. The knowledge and design skills of our technical staff combined with the intrinsic quality reflected in the processing and controlling of the final product have always characterized the development of the company and continue to remain our priority.

Know-how and skills enable Hidromec to develop and manufacture industrial hydraulic cylinders for a variety of applications

The know-how and design skills of our technical staff jointed with the intrinsic quality reflected in the processing and controlling of the final product have always characterized the development of our company and continue to remain our priority.

Examples of our products applications are:

Hydraulic Cylinders for Mobile Sector: mobile cranes, aerial work platforms, compactors waste, machinery foundation, tunnel drilling and crushing; wheelhouses and lifts in the marine sector; a further important part of the production is aimed at the fixed industrial sector for which Hidromec supplies cylinders typically for presses, plastic injection presses, filter presses, semiconductor presses and solutions for civil engineering used for barrages, dams, river lockages , hydroelectrical power plants and anti-earthquake systems for buildings and viaducts.

We manufacture cylinders with the highest quality standards and the best quality/price ratio retrievable in the market

The choice of Hidromec to concentrate its offer on high quality products has allowed it to achieve ambitious goals and important position on the international market.

Our technical staff always available to answer promptly to your requests and to fulfill your needs regarding: after-sales support, collaboration in the creation of a new cylinder prototype or technical analysis to improve functioning or rendering of your products.

Hidromec adheres to the most advanced and recent quality and environmental standards

Consolidated experience in the sector allows Hidromec to design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders – according to a complete quality cycle – for a very high number of applications.

Hidromec also designs and manufactures high quality cylinders for special applications, such as cylinders equipped with electronic devices: linear transducers, proximity sensors and pressure transducers.

We deliver within the established time and provide accurate customer support by promptly responding to any of our customers’ after-sales needs

Hidromec, thanks to 40 years of experience, offers to all its customers:

  • prototypes design to  match  your needs;
  • support in the development of the projects for special needs;
  • support during all stages of production;
  • the highest quality standard on the market;
  • product with the best quality/price relation;
  • technical support from our specialized staff;

How can we help you?

Hidromec’s experts can help you select, buy, and use the best product for your application.
Browse our website and check our Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions for all Applications, or simply contact us for help.


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